Jacob & Madalyn | October 20th

“Let the years we’re here be kind, be kind.
Let our hearts, like doors, open wide, open wide.
Settle our bones like wood over time, over time.
Give us bread, give us salt, give us wine.”



Maddie and Jacob were married on October 20th on what must have been the most beautiful day Autumn could offer; lovely winds that made us feel as though we were standing high upon a mountain; the sun fading in and out of the clouds, creating an array of moody gray tones contrasted by cheerful sunbeams dancing over our skin. Perfection.

They’re vows were interwoven with a Scottish hand-fastening tradition. Jacob (and my) mom made the scarf used in the ceremony, as well as the boutonnieres worn by the groom and groomsmen.

The day was one of epic simplicity as a small gathering of friends and family came together to join the newlyweds in their celebrations. Laughter and a few tears filled the day as we all shared in their joy. The love of youthful hearts is something dear to behold; to watch as they prepare to embark on a lifetime of adventure and love.



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