Mark & Diana | 40th Anniversary Session |Oglebay

I love love. It’s no secret how great honest-to-goodness love is. Often times love is confused or misrepresented as a fleeting emotion that comes and goes. The reality, though, is that love is unconditional, and love is one hundred percent a choice. It’s a choice to be made every day.

We aren’t victims of love or slaves to it; to love is to make a choice; to wake up each day and think, “Today, I choose to love.”

When Mark and Diana asked me to take photos of them for their 40th anniversary I was ecstatic. I’m getting married in July and to see the love of a couple who’s been together for forty years is inspiring to me as a soon-to-be wife. The love and joy they got and received from one another during our shoot was a delight to witness.

Love is deep, and it is immense. I think that’s why people want it to be something that comes and goes–because it’s unnerving to be in control of something that powerful. But that fact remains: we do control love. We choose it.

Without further ado, I give you Mark and Diana:

“Mark and I met at the Wheeling Park Ice Rink where Mark worked as an ice guard.   I was dating another guy at the time and Mark likes to tell everyone he employed the “Neanderthal technique” to get my attention; he came up behind me while I was skating and surprised me, which caused me to fall down, slicing my hand open and severing a tendon to my finger that required surgery. Ever the gentleman, he came to the hospital to visit me after the surgery which impressed my mother who convinced me to drop the other guy for Mark…..and the rest, as they say, is history!”


“We got married at 19 and moved to North Carolina where Mark was stationed in the Marine Corps. By the 80’s we had moved back to Wheeling and started our family which now includes three sons.”


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