Community & Connection

Community & Connection is about exactly what the name says–reaching out and getting to know those around me; to help other creatives and artists get their work out into society to help make a difference; to grow as artists. And most of all, to keep the creative community thriving and free of petty competition.

I made tiny video (my video skills are lacking, but they are getting better) clips of each person I’ve met so far as another way to document the series:


Lindsay is the first person I met in my latest series venture, Community & Connection. When I first met her during a yoga class that she teaches I knew I liked her, and when I met her again to take photos, her entire presence and soul radiated peace and tranquility.


All the usual nerves I have when meeting people melted away and I felt calm and light. Lindsay is a much needed force in the world. Her message of love and peace in the face of chaos is one that needs to be heard. She’s mastering the art of peace one day at time, helping those in need along the way. (She’s also gives fabulous hugs)



Mariah is the second person I met for C & C (she’s the sweetest, most fun young woman I’ve had the pleasure of photographing). She attends West Virginia University, where she studies fashion merchandising, communication studies, PR, and business administration. Her Blog, Dancing With Grace, is a lighthearted, helpful, and enjoyable read showcasing fashion and lifestyle content. Why the name Dancing With Grace? Here’s what she says:


“I’ve chosen  to name my blog ‘Dancing with Grace’ for a few reasons: A) I believe that dancing through life is a lot more entertaining than walking. B) I believe in having grace for others, and sharing God’s as well.  C) I am a fur momma to the world’s sweetest pup, Gracie. Mix these all together, and you’re Dancing with Grace.” She’s an ardent, self-proclaimed “fur mama” to her precious pup, Gracie, whose full time job is “being cute and melting hearts.” When shes not in class you can bet she’s with Gracie or out taking #ootd photos–often both.




Juan is an actor from the Wheeling area and has been in several productions; one of his most recent being Treasure Island at Towngate Theatre. He’s a passionate, well-spoken young man with the hair of an Egyptian god. His easy going, relaxed manner make him easy to work with and an enjoyable to spend time with.



Deadra is the fourth person I’ve met with for my Community & Connection series. She went to cosmetology school and is now a professional hairstylist (a swell one, too!).


She was an absolute dream to photograph; every movement was fluid and ready for the camera. A smile at the ready when needed and a somber look when it was right; one those delightful humans that are a photographer’s dream come true. She’s also very sweet and full of laughter. I can’t wait for the next time we’re able to shoot together!



The lovely Kala makes number five in the Community & Connection series.


Originally from California, she relocated to West Virginia to work with Grow Ohio Valley. Though it’s taking some time to overcome the weather insanity in our area, she’s learning to find the beauty in this little part of the world. We bonded over our love of good food and our inability to be athletic.




Mariah makes number six in the series, bringing in spring with yellow sunshine and smiles. She’s a sweet young woman who radiates kindness and grace. IMG_0805She attends WJU, majoring in exercise science with the hopes of becoming a sports nutritionist & strengthening coach for college athletes. Her passion for health and fitness stems from personal battles in her past that she fights to use as motivation for others, and to use the lessons from those experiences to push her forward. The outdoors and the freedom of wildlife also hold a place in her heart, encouraging her to grow and change for the better with each day.


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