Create Series| Part I |August 2017

My fella Caleb and I have realized that we both are struggling with being stagnant in our creativity. Rather than treat creativity as a muscle to be worked out and stretched daily, we wait for exploding bouts of inspiration–and then we wait for weeks, maybe months until the next bout hits. We become lax and detached, and as a result, unhappy with where we are in our goals and in our respective art forms. So, we’ve decided to push each other to create even when we don’t feel like it. We’re going to start doing mini creative sessions where we’ll work together to make art following a specific theme or feeling. These things we create don’t have to be amazing or leave us breathless, they are simply meant to help us improve as artists and humans. We hope that you’ll find some enjoyment in these (hopefully weekly or every two week) blog posts, and be motivated to drag yourself up and make something–if only for the sake of doing just that.

This first one is representing the feeling of exhaustion in the day to day, the ins and outs of our daily lives. Feeling bored and brain dead from lack of thrill or passion in the mundane. Caleb modeled, I took the photos, and Caleb created this song.

Watch the slideshow with music or view the photos below. 🙂


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