Lake & Max’s Lakeside Engagement Session | Castleman’s Lake W.V.

I met Lake through a Facebook group for photographers back in January or February. Excited about the prospect of meeting a fellow photographer similar in age (It’s hard to find young adult artists in our area), we corresponded back and forth for a few months, trying to get together for a shoot. It seemed like every time we schedule to meet something would come up–thunderstorms and rain, scorching heat, emergencies calls into work–it reached the point where it felt like we’d never get together. But! Patience is a virtue and we finally met up on July 16th 2017 and had the best weather and sunlight we could have hoped for.

Meeting Lake and her fiance, Max, was refreshing and a delight. Being around creatives who share your passion is an utter joy to experience. Not only are they swell models (both are so photogenic!) but as people they are warm hearted and fun-loving. And I have to say, Max is a wonderful fiance and deserves a shoutout. I’ve had so many couple sessions where the boyfriend/husband/fiance obviously didn’t want to be there and didn’t try to hide the fact, but Max (whether he wanted to or not) willingly followed every cue, smiled and posed, and helped bring joy to the day. Fellas, take note of this!

The love these two have for each other is sweet and real. I think that my favorite moment from the day has to be when Lake couldn’t look at Max without smiling or laughing. The affection on her face in those moments was honest and simple. Love like that is a treasure to be held and savored; a beauty to witness.


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